On Agonism and The Crafting of Hope  

Omar Adel 

Saturday 11 July  2020

The session draws from the artist’s ongoing research on power structures’ turbulence, the perceptual shift in our understanding of the public space, and the attempt to find an alternative way of understanding/handling the emancipatory struggle. During this session, the main key points of reflection will revolve around the back and forth shift between universalism and populism. We will draw on the agonistic perspective as a tool for maneuvering the existing hegemony specifically within art institutions, and hopefully delve into the specific state of artists, art institutions, and artistic praxis within the Arab world.


            Omar Adel is a multidisciplinary artist, working across video, photography, sound, design,
            coding, and performative instances. His expansive artistic practices investigate what he
            calls "The triangular feed-backing relationship" between Human Cognition, Constructed
            environments, and Technology; with a special focus on addressing themes like time, reality,
            human error, AI, and language use.