The resistance of rhizome︎

 Inspiration  ( Rhizmoe Shapes )


Surplus value

1895, Lumiere, Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory (1895)La sortie des usines Lumière (three different versions) Movies for mass public consumption are considered to be the invention of Auguste and Louis Lumiere. The Lumiere brothers envisioned movies as public showings


LUDDITEThe term Luddite is generally used humorously today to describe someone who doesn't appreciate modern technology or gadgets. But 200 years ago, the Luddites in Britain were no laughing matter. The workers in the British woolen trade, who deeply resented the incursion of modern machinery that could do the jobs of many workers, began to rebel violently. Secret armies of workers assembled by night and wrecked machinery, and the British Army was called out at times to suppress the enraged workers...

Behavioural Surplus

NEW WORKING FORCESThe innovative textile mills created in Massachusetts in the early 1800s hired people who had generally not been members of the workforce: girls who had, for the most part, grown up on farms in the area.

Inspired by The Jazz piece No Work-Songfrom Tuba-Vibes Projects von Christof Griesebeim Jazz&Blues Award 2006 in Berlin,.

Inspired by the stories of of MALARIA PANDAMIC Segregation.Some of the models of the Anopheles City.